Hello, and welcome to my personal site! My name's Billy Rebecchi and I'm a trainee teacher at Leeds Trinity University. I have a degree in Computer Science from Newcastle university with a specialism in Game Engineering. I program a lot in my spare time, and love to tinker with all things tech. Why not check out some of my projects below for some examples of my work?

In my spare time I play Ice Hockey for the Leeds Gryphons. I am also a keen gamer and spend a lot of time playing competitive Overwatch.

My main experience is using OO languages, particularly Java, C++ and C# and more recently Python due to my teaching in schools. I also have experience with procedural languages such as C, event-driven languages such as nesC, as well as Machine Code and many others. I have developed Android apps, Java utilities and Python games, some of which you can find below under my list of projects. I am also proficient in HTML and CSS, with some experience of PHP and Javascript.

I now have a Youtube channel with live coding sessions on. If you would like to view the process I take when starting a new project then these are the videos for you! Check out my channel here.

So far all my apps and utilities have been released for free, but if you've used any of my programs and would like to donate then it would really help me to continue development of free tools!

Hawiian Hamsters

Hawiian Hamsters is my first attempt to move into games creation. The game is in a very early alpha stage, but is available to download for free. Built using Unity personal edition the underlying scripts have been written using C#. There are two alpha versions of the game, one for Windows and one for Mac. To run the Mac version right click the .app and select 'open' then confirm the dialogue. To run on windows right click the .exe file and 'run as administrator'.


Fibonacci Clock

The Fibonacci Clock is a take on the clock created by Philippe Chretien that tells the time using the Fibonacci number sequence. There are two versions of the fibonacci clock, one is written in Javascript and works as a standard web app. The other is a dedicated Android widget available for devices running 4.4 upwards.

Android Github - Javascript Github


TEC2JPG is a java utility that I have written to allow users to restore lost image files from their phone when the '.tec' file is intact. It has been brought to my attention that this only works with Samsung '.tec' files, and not with Nokia. The utility includes full instructions in a readme file. First download the utility, then unzip and run the '.jar' file.

Below is a working version of the Tec2Jpg program which can be used in Powershell. Thanks to Geoff Rose for writing the code and allowing me to distribute it on the website!

$files = Get-ChildItem 'C:\Users\username\'
foreach ($file in $files) {
    $byte = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($file)
    $byte = $byte[6..($byte.length-2)]
    $name = ($file).Name
    [System.IO.File]::WriteAllBytes("C:\Users\username\output\$name.jpg", $byte)

Stream Cerberus

Stream Cerberus is a bespoke live streaming solution built by myself and Will Lilley in early 2014. "With our bespoke portable television studio, Stream Cerberus is unique in its ability to arrive at any event and stream to the internet hassle-free, making it easy for your viewers to get involved in the action."

AJS Pudsey Website

The AJS Pudsey website is a site I put together for a local motorbike business. The website is built on top of Wordpress, with custom theme integration for a number of plugins. The website has a product page displaying motorbikes with prices, as well as a blog and contact pages.

Swincar Nurseries Website

The Swincar Nurseries website is another site I built for a local garden centre. The site is setup using wordress with a custom theme a number of pages that the business has full control over. With opening hours and social integration the site displays all relevant information succinctly to visitors.


This is just a small website I've put together in a few days, but it's easy to change and doesn't have many files. I've created a template version of the site that you can download and use for free. If you use the template I'd love to see it, so send me your site address over email! Click here to download all the neccessary files.

Check out the below project for some basic HTML and CSS tutorials!

The way the web works

The way the web works was a piece of coursework I did for a web development module during my first year of University. Looking back on the poor way my code was written has been a real eye opener as to how far I've come as a programmer, and as a computer scientist.

Still, the project was designed to give a basic overview of how web technologies, specifically HTML and CSS work, and if you're just starting learning then it may prove useful. Check out the tutorials here.

The project includes a built in HTML editor allowing you to try out some basics before creating your own .html documents.

thebillington development blog

I deciced I wanted to have a personal blog as part of my personal site, and I decided to use a lightweight CMS called Anchor that is a great Wordpress alternative, with very few files that are easily cutomisable, and well presented clean PHP framework code.

To find out more about how I implemented the blog on my server, you can read my blog post about it here.